NASHVILLE, TN The jury heard for the first time from Miles

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cheap jordans online Joseph Quinzio testifies about the text messages he said were exchanged between him and Brandon Vandenburg.NASHVILLE, TN The jury heard for the first time from Miles Finley and Joseph Quinzio, two California men who were close friends with defendant Brandon Vandenburg in the summer of 2013. Both Finley and Quinzio have been charged with tampering with evidence in connection to this case.Both allege that Vandenburg sent them videos and texts the night of the alleged rape. Quinzio described those videos as “horrific” and “surprising.”Finley testified that he texted Vandenburg to “delete that s” from his phone cheap jordans, among other graphic messages, including one that said, “Don’t let her wake up.” Finley maintained that he wasn’t giving Vandenburg any directions and that he was joking in some of the messages.Both Finley and Quinzio said Vandenburg destroyed their phones when he came to California in July. cheap jordans online

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Cheap jordans Petruccio, Eddie Piatek cheap jordans, Joshua J. Piatek cheap jordans, Tianna M. Picquet, Tiffani L. Update: Prosecutor John Guy asks detective Marc Musser how Michael Dunn referred to those in the Dodge Durango. Musser says Dunn referred to them as “kids.” The judge advises the court that the video they’re about to see has been edited and redacted per the agreements of both sides. Update: State Attorney Angela Corey says this video and detective Marc Musser will be it for the state Cheap jordans.